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Sorcerer’s Book 2 Sorcerer’s Book 2
Sorcerer’s Book 2 is a mini-game, which will let you walk into a world of magic in Minecraft! You will find over 100 available spells, many different game modes, the possibility to enjoy the map in singleplayer as well as in multiplayer and that’s not all! So gather your friends, put the map up on a server and together enter the world of Sorcerer’s Book 2!
Release date: 8.12.2017   Game version: 1.12   Number of players: any

TowerHour TowerHour
Tower defense minigame with elements of RTS in which players fight against each other! Think fast, manage your economy, send units and expand your city to be the last one with your castle standing!
Release date: 15.07.2017   Game version: 1.12   Number of players: 2-4