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Few words about our team

CmdBlockPL right now consists of eight members. Our main goal is to create Minacraft maps and contraptions together. We promote commands within new players, by creating guides and tools. We are also the proud owners of polish Discord server about commands and mapmaking, called Polscy Komenderzy.

Team members

e-mail: pszemo@cmdblock.pl

IGN: Pszemo
Youtube: ZagrajmyzPszemkiem
Creator of Przygoda Czterech and Sorcerer’s Book. Playing with commands and redstone basically from the moment when they were added to the game.
Nusiq Nusiq
e-mail: nusiq@cmdblock.pl

IGN: Nusiq
Youtube: Nusiq
Programer, who loves to write tools for mapmakers. Challenging projects are his speciality.
e-mail: secondlife@cmdblock.pl

IGN: wrimpl
Youtube: SecondLifePL
Another coder in the team, creator of our website. 
e-mail: maxaxik@cmdblock.pl

IGN: Maxaxik
Youtube: Maxaxik
He knows commands like almost nobody else. He is also one of the few people who know all the bugs on the BugTracker. Owner of the Discord server /r/MinecraftCommands.
e-mail: kanon@cmdblock.pl

IGN: KanonYT
Youtube: Kanon
He loves to recreate popular games in Minecraft. Already made Bomber Man and Angry Birds. Who knows what will be next!
e-mail: repciak@cmdblock.pl

IGN: repciak
Youtube: RepCiaK
RepCiaK is writing commands for some time now. Along with Nusiq, he made a system for easy creation of stealth maps in Minecraft.
e-mail: maniek@cmdblock.pl

IGN: maniek665
Youtube: Maniek
One of his main interests is implementing commands into survival gameplay.
e-mail: panpiksel@cmdblock.pl

IGN: panpiksel_
Youtube: PanPiksel_
Creator of such maps as Rywalizacja, or RestaurantRush.

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