Sorcerer's Book 2

Sorcerer’s Book 2 is a mini-game, which will let you walk into a world of magic in Minecraft! You will find over 100 available spells, many different game modes, the possibility to enjoy the map in singleplayer as well as in multiplayer and that’s not all! So gather your friends, put the map up on a server and together enter the world of Sorcerer’s Book 2!

Some history

Long, long ago… in the year 2014, I was working on a map – Magic Dungeons. I started working on that project when I noticed that you can easily use the /scoreboard command to tell if a player has written a specific text inside a book. I saw it as something so amazing that I immediately wanted to somehow use it and the first idea that came to my mind was a magic spell book! You type in the spell, press the button and watch as your enemies disappear in flames. By defeating waves of mobs we were unlocking new spells. Three arenas, each made up of five levels and a boss fight. Only just over 20 spells were available…

Fast forward to 2017, I decided to come back to the idea I had three years ago (what surprised me was I didn’t notice anyone else using a similar mechanic on their map). This time, however, I decided to take a different approach. Instead of forcing the player into unlocking new spells, through having them pass difficult levels, I gave them the possibility to use all spells in the game right from the start. There was just one little catch – the player had to guess the spell symbol (its 3-letter name). Besides that change I added multiplayer support (which let us add game modes like PvP or MOBA) and I tripled the number of available spells (also by using the ones that I couldn’t do in 2014, which required, for example, 2D raycasting)! That’s how Sorcerer’s Book came to be!

Sorcerer’s Book was pretty good, but it could have been even better. After releasing the map I’ve received a lof of feedback about the map from the people that played it, what they liked and what they’d want to see gone. So I decided that I’ll come back to this project someday. And as you can see by the release date of Sorcerer’s Book 2, you didn’t need to wait long.

What’s new in part 2?

For works on the part two I decided to invite a couple of people from our team into it – SecondLifePL, Nusiq and Maxaxik. Together we’ve increased the number of spells to over 100 and we’ve added a lot of interesting game modes. There have also appeared a couple of new interesting mechanics on the map – that includes 3D raycasting, written by Nusiq specially for our map’s needs, which is a base for most of the spells! Thanks to it the spells that require executing at the block the player is looking at can work. It also supports all projectiles, that includes the homing ones. This mechanic also let us make projectiles that bounce off various surfaces or magic barriers!

Besides addind new spells, we’ve modified the spell discovery system a bit too. From now on, all mobs in the PvE mode have a chance to drop a page from the magic spell book, which will discover a new spell for you when you pick it up. You can also discover the spells in the same way as you did in the previous part – just by guessing them, that however, is no longer a necessity. To make following new spells easier we used the built-in advancement system. There we’ve placed all discovered spells, sorted by category, along with their short descriptions. It’s proved to be very helpful, since there are many spells to discover.

Casting spells itself has also been improved! From now on, besides writing the spells into the book, you can also bind the spells into the slots on your hotbar. You can do that in the lobby, between rounds or during a game preparation phase (in all of these cases the pink vignette indicates that you’re currently in bind mode). Bound spells are cast by just pressing the item drop key. That made the gameplay much more dynamic and let the players to cast spells more effectively, especially the ones that required a high accuracy from the caster.

A couple of fun facts

Sorcerer’s Book 2 runs by using 5422 function files that include over 18 000 commands in total. About a half of the lines of code are responsible for how the spells work (1037 functions, so about 8,7 commands per function), the rest of the functions are tools, such as raycasting. A large portion of the commands was generated with the help of programs written by us. That was essentially required, keeping in mind that the whole system to support casting, binding and unlocking had to be built. Another fun fact is that a part of the textures (spell icons) were also automatically generated! All of the mentioned programs were written in four different languages – Java, R, Python and AWK.

Enter the world of magic in Minecraft!

I highly recommend downloading the map and checking the spells out yourself. It’s really a lot of fun, and it’s even more interesting when you put it on a server and invite some friends. PvP duels can be pretty exciting! The map is meant for one to as-many-as-the-server-can-handle players, but personally, I don’t recommend playing with more than 10 players on weaker machines. So what are you waiting for? Download the map and enter the amazing world of magic in Minecraft!



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  1. Cześć… Mam mały problem… Otóż, mapa jest świetna i świetnie się przy niej bawię, lecz niechcący wyrzuciłem książkę do rzucania zaklęć, a jak brałem nową za pomocą komend, to inna nie działała. I teraz mam pytanie – jest jakieś rozwiązanie, czy muszę reinstalować mapę? A jeśli ta druga opcja, to myślę,że powinniście dodać coś w razie takich sytuacji.
    Pozdrawiam 🙂

    1. Z tego co kojarzę wystarczy, że rozpoczniesz nową grę. Na jej początku powinieneś dostać nową książkę. Podobnie zresztą dzieje się też chyba po śmierci 🙂

    1. You need to unzip the world save. It’s in “§fby CmdBlockPL§” (zip file inside the zip file that you have downloaded).
      Put the content of the filie in “…/.minecraft/saves/”. Make sure that you don’t have “§fby CmdBlockPL§r” inside another “§fby CmdBlockPL§r”.
      You should end up with something like that:
      “…/.minecraft/saves/§fby CmdBlockPL§r”
      and inside this directory you should have “advancements”, “data”, “DIM1” …and other stuff.

  2. It does not work. When I start op the map, all the spells are just diamond hoes and there is no description of what it does, and I have a pumpkin on my head

    1. You need to use resource pack that we prepared for this map. It’s called “” you can find it in zip file that you downloaded. Just put “” in …\.minecraft\resourcepacks and than select it in game in “Options” -> “Resource packs…”.

    1. You can check all of your unlocked spells in the advancement tab. You can get to it from options or by hitting “L” key (default) in the game. It will be also good to mention that we have changed the name of Advancement tab to “Sorcery and You”.

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