TowerHour on Realms!

Realms servers are official servers offerred by Mojang accessible directly from the game level. One of their characteristics is the possibility of playing many minecraft maps really quickly and easily, that includes adventure and mini-game maps, from the list of maps chosen by Mojang. In the second week of November 2017 TowerHour was added to that list!

What is TowerHour?

TowerHour is the first map made by the members of our team. The mini-game, released in the middle of July 2017, combines within it a tower defence map and a real-time strategy game. Your goal is to destroy enemy castle, before your castle is destroyed by them. Develop your land, improve your economy, raise towers to defend your borders and create an army that will wipe the floor with your enemies. You can read more about the map in this article. If you’d like to see how the gameplay looks, search for “TowerHour” into YouTube and you’ll find a bunch of recorded gameplay in no time.

Realms? Why is that so important?

The possibility of downloading a map from the Realms catalogues is a great success for the authors. But why is that the case? Firstly, it’s very hard to get on Realms. The map must me accepted by a specialized Mojang team, they decide if a map is good enough. Thanks to that the standard of Realms maps is very high and it’s hard to find something there that isn’t unusually good quality-wise. The initial approval of the map is not all that’s needed though. The authors need to prepare the map for a Realms release – fix any bugs and cope with Mojang team’s suggestions. Secondly, when a map is put on Realms the reach increases greatly. Not only do all players that use the Realms service have a really easy access to it, the article about adding the map to the list appears on Minecraft’s main page! We’re highly recommending reading about what it has to say about our map! Videos on the minigame after its release are also extremely important. Many YouTubers like recording Realms maps, because they just know they won’t be disappointed!

Download the map and play it today!

Haven’t played TowerHour yet? You need to make up for it right away! Put the map on your Realm (or download it and put it on a different hosting), gather your friends and have fun. Let the best one win!



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